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In the digital age, the NoPriceOnCulture brand campaign leverages the power of pixels to transcend geographical boundaries. Through a compelling online presence, we amplify our message, inviting a global audience to join the movement.


NoPriceOnCulture is not just a campaign; it's a brand led movement that champions the preservation of cultural and heritage spaces. Rooted in the belief that communities should thrive, NoPriceOnCulture stands against profit-centric development that jeopardises the essence of our neighbourhoods. The brand represents a collective voice, a symbol of resistance against the displacement of culture, and a commitment to the well-being of people and places.

Local campaigns are the heartbeat of community activism. They have the power to bring about real change, addressing issues that directly impact the daily lives of individuals. In the context of NoPriceOnCulture, local campaigns serve as the driving force behind the protection and preservation of cultural spaces. By focusing on grassroots initiatives, we can create a ripple effect that fosters awareness, unity, and sustainable change.

What I have enjoyed the most about this mission is the ability to use all my creative skills and the power of my design studio to uplift, preserve and protect an entire community hub, that prior to my direct involvement had no social media presence, digital platform or collective visuals to visually connect and communicate their social importance.

NoPriceOnCulture bridges the gap between awareness and action. Design and photography serve as catalysts for change, igniting conversations, challenging perceptions, and advocating for policies that protect the cultural richness of communities. This project showcase is an ode to the idea that, through creative endeavors, we can be architects of change, shaping a world where culture is cherished, preserved, and truly priceless.


Social media becomes a canvas for cultural preservation, as each share, like, and comment becomes a small but significant act in safeguarding the irreplaceable. This project is a work in progress and has enabled me to tap into all my skill sets, from design development, brand and logo identity development,






One way as a multi-disciplinary creative that I stay creative is practising gratitude. In a world today we need a little reminder — that, together, we can navigate the intricacies of life, three minutes at a time. Grab a copy and start your process in clearing your mind.

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